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Words cannot express the appreciation that my family has for everyone at Right Start, Inc. Each and every employee from the evaluator to the service coordinator to the therapists have treated my family like their own and we could not be more thankful.
-- Cynthia K.
My child's therapists work so hard to help my child in so many areas. They are responsive, approachable and I see such an improvement in my child's development throughout this entire process. I can't thank Right Start, Inc and their staff enough. Thank you!!
-- Natalie M.
My child’s therapist is superb. I have absolute faith and trust in her. She is extraordinarily patient with my child and works extremely hard. She has made a tremendous difference in my child's life.
-- George S.
I can't begin to thank Right Start, Inc. and their outstanding professionals for helping my son through his developmental issue. Their staff are truly remarkable and most importantly helped my son advance at such a crucial stage in his life.
-- Regina T.
We had Right Start provide services for both of our children, and we absolutely loved them. The therapists we had were absolute best, and our children loved them. Additionally, they were really helpful with all the process related questions and paperwork. Highly recommend.
-- G T.
Excellent customer service from the moment they pick up the phone to service coordinators to the therapists. Communication is always on par. Thank you. AG
-- Alex G.
I have been dealing with Right Start Inc since February 2019 and I haven’t had a bad experience yet. Their service is exceptional and they go beyond the call of duty to assist parents in getting the help their children need. Our Service Co-Ordinator Ekaterine Adeishvili has made the Early Intervention Program easy on us as well as the transition to CPSE. She is very efficient and was always ready to give advice and sometimes just a listening ear to help make bad days better. I would definitely recommend them to any family or friend who may be in need of their services.
-- Niala H.
i am very happy with all the services my daughter gets from Right Start , our coordinator is very responsive and helpful, the providers that my daughter has are awesome , punctual and i always receive feedback from them. Thanks to the services that we receive my daughter started to speak and to interact with her pears
-- Mihaela N.