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Once a child is found eligible to receive Autism Spectrum Disorder/Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”) services through Right Start, Inc.’s Early Intervention Program, services will be provided at NO OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS to families, at the frequency determined at the time of the child’s Individual Family Service Plan (“IFSP”) meeting.

ABA is provided by licensed or certified professionals (such as special educators, social workers, psychologists, and/or behavior analysts) who are supervised by  Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

An individualized instructional program is developed for each child, based on his/her individual needs, family priorities and concerns. Evidence-based strategies are used to address developmentally appropriate goals, in order to help each child reach his/her developmental milestones, increase independence, and communicate and interact with the people in his/her environment.ed.

ABA providers apply these interventions within the child’s natural environment, which may include the child’s home, daycare, or other locations in the community that are part of the child and family’s every day routine activities.

Through the use of embedded coaching, ABA providers work with the families and caregivers to help them develop, learn, and carry over strategies that will be effective for their child. Family participation and collaboration are essential in order to maximize the benefits of ABA services.

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